Sacha Inchi

A funny name but catchy to say, Sacha Inchi or the scientific name Plukenetia volubilis is a native plant found in South America. This crop has been highly consumed in Peru for hundreds of years due to its nutritional benefits. Aptly known as well as the mountain nut or Inca nut, the nutrient profile will definitely impress you!

Learn more here as it is a ”new” trend followed by Malaysia.

Since it is food grade, the cold-pressed oil from the seeds is widely used in many food applications such as dressings in salad, cookies, beverages and etc.

In powder form, it is high in protein which is the reason it is becoming one of the selected ingredients to make protein shakes, meal replacements and even pet food.

As for nutraceutical benefits, at a certain dosage of 10-15ml a day intake consistently, it will give you more health benefits such as improved blood pressure, improve in total cholesterol (high omega 3 and 6), glowing skin complexion (anti-oxidant), improving gut health (reduce inflammation).

As for the powder form, it induces weight loss due to high fiber and protein content that can lower cravings and reduce overall food intake daily. This subsequently leads to weight and fat loss naturally.

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