Linen Spray base

The smell is a powerful mood setter, known to be able to trigger emotion, imagination and experiences.

Ever thought of waking up to the smell of flower garden, seaside or even to the smell of your favorite ‘nasi lemak’ breakfast. That would surely set some mood for the day.

With the right scent, you can create a desirable smell ambience for your choice of linen surface.

At 2Tango, we have concocted a base (no fragrance) that is stable. It can be sprayed on clothes, curtains, beddings, or at any fabric surface you like be it at home, office, or hotels. We can pair this base with fragrance oil or premium essential oil of your choice.

So, what is this concocted base?

Alcohol-only base evaporates much quicker than green solvent mix base. Instead, a ‘green’ solvent can fix the fragrance and essential oil for a long-lasting stay. Our formula mixture of different ‘green’ solvents will help to diffuse the top note intensely for the first time spray, while allowing a timely release of fragrance as other heavier solvent starts to evaporate at a later time.

Our base which is colorless and stain-free is able to fix the scents on fabric surfaces for up to a month in a close environment. This application is tested on most fabric linen surfaces.

Depending on the application, we also offer a suggestive pairing of either fragrance oil or essential oil depending on your requirement. Here are some suggestions for fragrance oils and essential oils that we offer to our local market.

Cotton Musk
White Orchid
Sakura Flower

Essential Oil:
Lemongrass oil
Lavender oil
Mandarin oil
Peppermint oil
Eucalyptus oil

However you wish to concoct for different applications, we are able to customize into body fragrance mist, car fragrance, room fragrance/diffuser and etc.

We offer the raw materials and also the linen spray base as semi-finish 1-step completion by adding fragrance/essential oil. As fragrance and essential oil are quite subjective to select and mix, talk to us for more information.