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To be the first choice of Malaysia’s reliable chemical trading company

Our mission is to provide chemical solutions and after-sales services to our local customers that add value to their businesses.

Atoms vibrate and move closer to each other, then move apart till they bond with other atoms to form new molecules.

It takes at least 2 to Tango in chemistry and our duty is to catalyze your business.

At 2 Tango, our team is strong in chemistry knowledge and market trend.

Our founder, Joyce Su been experienced in chemical trading for almost 10 years in Malaysia’s personal care industry. With the co-founders, we strive to create value and grow the business together with our valued customers.

In 2016, 2 Tango was established to meet the demand of fellow researchers in need of HPLC columns. It marked the journey to offer columns and resins for pharmaceutical master researchers in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

The business further diversified into pet supplements, essential oils, business to consumer (B2C) and OEM projects with referred personal care brand owners looking for additional value-added technical expertise and specialty materials.

By 2020, we have gotten the opportunity to market raw materials such as Denatured Alcohol for hand sanitizer application due to the Covid-19 demand and other varied raw materials in the personal care and nutraceutical industry.

What is the reason for doing so many things in the past? We are just passionate about chemicals and do not mind going the extra mile for our customers. Trading is a replaceable business but our value is irreplaceable. We also encourage like-minded people to be part of us.

Please feel free to visit our product segment to know more about our product and services.

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