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Personal Care

Personal Care

We distribute specialty ingredients and innovative solutions for the personal care industry as our core business. Our portfolio of emollients, emulsifiers, actives, powders, surfactants, rheology modifiers, preservatives and a lot more enables us to be a one-stop-shop for cosmetic manufacturers and brands owners to create personal care formulations and finished products.

Nutraceutical Product


We are experts in the distribution of specialty nutraceuticals and flavors from the world’s leading manufacturers and also local manufacturers in Malaysia. Our specialists build a deep understanding of your requirements in applications and processes, suggesting formulations that will work in your local market, by drawing on our extensive portfolio of leading ingredients and flavours for your production needs.

HPLC Column

HPLC Column

This market is unique and it is widely used in laboratories. We have a specialist team dedicated to providing you with a solution meeting your exact requirements. We aim to accelerate access to better health for researchers by providing the service to the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industry. No matter you are a researcher from a university, college or private institution, we are dedicated to making your research and biotech production simpler, faster, and safer.

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Personal Care Chemicals

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